Clembrook Christmas Farm

Back at the turn of the century W.B. "Grandfather" Clements purchased this farm in Nelson Township. He resided in Milton but built his summer cottage and a guest cottage on what is now the Appleby Line side of the farm. His family would spend most of their summers here amid the tall pines, cedars and numerous brooks flowing throughout the property from the Niagara Escarpment. To this end the name "Clembrook Cottage" was chosen.

In the mid 1940's E.B. "Father" Clements moved here to carry on farming, finally retiring to a new house in 1961 built beside the cottage. During this time opportunities to sell the farm and cottage for quarry use were continually refused. In 1960 the Clements voluntarily sold Rattlesnake Point to the conservation authority in order to preserve that wonderful look-out.

E. Bradford also during this time propagated a boxwood shrub that is registered as Clembrook Boxwood. We still grow these broadleaf evergreens for resale. Our farm is the only known location in Ontario where at least 25 varieties of Boxwood are showing off their habit in gardens and hedges.

Since 1985 we have been planting Scotch and Austrian Pine, Canaan Fir and White Pine and Colorado Spruce especially for Christmas.

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